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It’s been a pleasure to work with Mike while launching the MetaSort App. He was quick to understand our needs, pushed through obstacles and was able to get things moving in the right direction very quickly. We’re excited to continue with him on many future projects.

Britain Thomas

Founder MetaSport FC

Changing behaviours is difficult, but having Mike as support through that process has always been reassuring and something I most look forward to when working with him.

Nino Kovacevic

Strategic Development Consultant Soccer Nova Scotia

I have worked with Mike for 5 years and throughout that time, without a doubt, Mike’s work ethic and quality of work have exceeded all expectations of an employee. 

Brad Lawlor

Executive Director Soccer Nova Scotia

Mike Whyatt has always been a constant driver for improvements in player and coach development for the Soccer Nova Scotia communities and beyond.  His knowledge and implementation methods are based on science and his own personal experience leading, serving and advocating for improvements in the experience of all soccer stakeholders. 

Rob Gillis

President United DFC

Mike has been a mentor to many people in sport, including myself. He is a real professional with knowledge, experience and right values. If you want to learn, get challenged and grow on a professional and personal level, Mike is your go to person. 

Martin Vlk

Technical Director Calgary West Soccer Club

His broad professional and personal experiences add credibility to his work. In less then a year, Mike has transformed Halifax City Soccer Club from a struggling community sports organization to one that is admired for its operational performance. 

Mark McFarland

President Halifax City Soccer Club

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