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Community Ecosystems for Sports Organizations 


What I do


Club Development

Building community ecosystems for organizations focusing on planning & delivery strategies, growth & engagement strategies, organizational design & workflow, and reflection & evaluation.


Coach Development

Building an operational coach education program focusing on culture & engagement strategies, facilitation and delivery strategies, contemporary learning theory and operationalizing a fluid mentorship process.


Program Development

Building technical frameworks and plans focusing on the developmental needs of your members, facilitating engagement & design through contemporary theory and research, on-field identity & periodization and reflecting and measuring the delivery of your programs.


Website & App Development

Building technology to support with accessibility and engaging all your members with easy to navigate websites, learning management systems for education modules and app development to assist with mobile accessibility.

Why Choose Me

Motivated to improve the experience

Best Practice

I bring a wide range of best practice from multiple community stakeholders perspectives.

Core Focus on Value

To deliver significant value via guidance, recommendations, mentoring and more.

24/7 Availability

To deliver an experience that is accessible to the end user and industry


What Stakeholders Say?

Instantly you will realize that Mike is very passionate and truly cares about the quality of his work. If Mike says he will do something by a deadline, I can guarantee you it will be done on time and be of high quality. He takes great pride in his workmanship and it clearly shows in the end product.

Brad Lawlor
Executive Director at Soccer Nova Scotia
Mike is rational, has the ability to see different perspectives, is open to dialogue and discussion, and able to lead though strategic and technical planning. Mike is a valuable and knowledgeable resource to many and offers great insight whether looking at the big picture or the smaller details. Mike is a true leader and advocate for making the game and the experience better for all involved.
Rob Gillis
President United DFC

I always thought that Mike's greatest strength is his ability to show you the best version of yourself. Using his experience within the domains of adult and organizational development, Mike will guide the individual/group through a self-reflection process that allows for an opportunity for transformation.

Nino Kovacevic
Strategic Development Consultant at Soccer Nova Scotia

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